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Navy, White and burnt orange cloud mobile for an elegant boy nursery decor made with 4 gorgeous puffy fluffy felt clouds on a 20 cm ring.

Colors: Navy/ White/Beige/ Ocher

Rain cloud size : 15 cm x 8 cm

Star size :7 cm
Drops size : 1,5 cm - 2 cm

Lenght : 76 cm / 30’’

raindrops color: gold
100% Felt

3 inch wood star painted in gold

Q: How do I hang the crib mobile?

A: The Navy Baby Boy Mobile comes with a loop for easy hanging. You can use the ceiling hook including in your order or any other suitable attachment point in your nursery.


Q: Can I customize the colors of the mobile?

A: Currently, the Navy Baby Boy Mobile is available in navy blue with a nautical theme. However, if you have a specific request, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist.

Navy Baby Boy Mobile

  • Our mobiles are perfect suspended from the ceiling with a screw in hook and a fishing line (included in your order)

    Please note that our products are not toys and are for decorative purposes only.

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