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Nursery color trends: Mustard in Kids Room and playroom

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Mustard yellow is just what it says it is- the color of everyone's favourite hot dog sauce, and like various types of mustard, depending on their ingredients, hues range from light to dark and in-between. This colour is very powerful and not easy to swallow, so that's why it's rarely used as dominant hue in interior design, but rather in subtle pops through accent pieces, particular walls or accessories. But, that's not says it can't look impressive otherwise if done in the right way. In kids' rooms, mustard yellow can bring much-needed warmth to an all-neutral space while at the same time toning down the playful vibes of a room filled with colourful pastels. It creates interest and adds a unique contrast to now popular shades of blue such as navy blue, light greens, millennial pink and earth-toned neutrals. So, from this corner to tat nook, let us explore how you can spice up your kid's bedroom by mix-in some mustard hues.

Mustard yellow with neutrals

There aren't many colours out there that can make such bold statement like mustard yellow. By placing it against a relaxing cooler neutral, such as grey or cream white you will be able to take full advantage of this vigorous hue and draw focus on a beautiful piece of furniture or canopy. Mustard is also a great investment because sometimes all it takes is a throw blanket, bed sheets or a cushion to create a warm cosy statement.

With dark hues

Just like with the neutral shades, mustard yellow will receive superb contrast and shows it full potential if combined with darker colours such as navy, midnight blue and dark greys. Like stars shining in the night sky, pops of mustard create a dreamy atmosphere in kid's interiors with a darker colour palette.

If you are unsure of which hues to blend with mustard yellow, go wild and put a bunch of them on the table. As we mentioned earlier, this tone integrates itself great with the pastel palette, so it is up to you to organise the casting.

With pink

If you decide to go with a millenial pink as the dominant colour for your little girl's room and now you are searching for a shade to break the ice, then try giving mustard yellow a chance. Maybe add a couple more pastels like blue to picture and watch the magic unfold in front of your eyes.

Mustard yellow is pretty much the new kid on the block and is considerably gaining in popularity in the fashion and interior industry.

Go ahead, explore and you you'll no doubt find something perfect for enriching your kid's room.

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