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Cloud Themed Nursery Ideas

Updated: Feb 3

Take your baby's nursery up, up, and away with a lovely cloud motif that's simple to implement and easily gender-neutral. While the moon and stars are lovely (as seen by these space nursery ideas! ), we like the simplicity and blank color palette of a gloomy nursery.

Your child boy or girl's walls and bed will be decked up in these wonderfully fluffy themes that are not only fascinating and interesting to look at but also ready to lull them sweetly to sleep at night or for naps.

Here are some of our favorite items to consider when designing a cloud-themed nursery for your child girl or boy.

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Baby mobile and Cloud pillow.

Nursery pillow and white cloud mobile.

Wall hooks with shapes of cloud, star, moon and rainbow.

Moon , star and clouds nursery mobile.

Boho nursery decor with rust and gold touch with our baby cloud mobile.

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