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​2022 BABY NURSERY TRENDS: Our selection for Baby & Kids Room Design.

What is trending in nursery?

Natural and neutral is such a natural fit for the nursery; it's no wonder an earthy vibe will trend strong in 2022. Creamy white, soft blushes and muted earthy colors will be the popular palette of choice for parents of both baby girls and boys.

Here is our selection, click on the pictures to follow the link.

Bouclé Textures. The nubby look of bouclé came on strong in pieces for the living room last year, and now it has made its way into the nursery too. We can’t think of a cozier fit!

What is the most popular nursery theme?

  • .Jungle / Safari. Lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, and more animal friends join the nursery in this fun theme. ...

  • .Watercolors. Beautiful frames of watercolor paintings line the wall in the nursery. ...

  • .Forest or Woodland. ...

  • .Neutrals and Gender Neutral. ...

  • .Outer Space. ...

  • .Dinosaurs. ...

  • .Rainbows.

How do I choose a theme for my baby nursery ?

My advice in picking a theme for a nursery is to first find the furniture that you love, then establish a color palate, followed by some artwork, and lastly buy all the cute little details...”

When should I decorate my baby's nursery?

Most people paint and put together the nursery a week or two before the baby arrives.


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